MDMC - Technical SEO: Understanding the Crawl Before the Walk

Speaker Session

The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference is going digital! Catch up with Marcia Ingram during her session, Technical SEO: Understanding the Crawl Before the Walk.

SEO can seem like this big, confusing puzzle, that leaves you guessing on how the pieces fit. Ever wonder how a site is populated in search? What is a spider or a bot? Why do I want search engines to crawl my site?

Learn about a few key technical SEO best practices and how to implement or update them on your site. You will walk away understanding a bit more about SEO, to ensure your site reaps the benefits!

Event Details

The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC) is the largest digital marketing conference in the Midwest. The MDMC mission is to engage, inform and expand conversation, access the latest trends, and facilitate opportunities in digital and social media marketing/communications via top tier marketing practitioners and academics.